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Wednesday, July 5th 2023

Sometime adult
Sometime adult group

WHERE:          Tottenham Community Centre

WHEN:            10:00 am - noon


This free, all ages event is stroller and family friendly! Now in its second community week year, the Sometime Adult Group and TabCreates will host two free concurrent events. Try your hand at creating a succulent planter with the Sometime Adult Group, and let the creative juices flow while coaster painting with TabCreates.

Learn more about these local groups and their ongoing events on their social media:

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d andd
dungeons and dragons open house

WHERE:          Tottenham Community Centre

WHEN:            7:00pm - 9:00pm


Interested in learning about Dungeons and Dragons, the world's biggest tabletop role playing game? Come to a DnD Open House. With a little help from Netflix's Stranger Things, DnD has finally entered the mainstream. A Dungeon Master will answer your questions about DnD and help you create a character, you can play a quick game with your new creation, or watch a DnD game in process.

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